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Not sure if this is the best place for this, but looking for advice.

House guy here. Occasionally I'll have bands request a live recording from their show which I'll send to them via Google Drive. With every note I send informing them their file is posted, I'll make sure to mention that they need download it so that when I take it down, they will still have it.

In about 80% of cases of my removing files from my drive, I'll get a message from the client shortly thereafter complaining they no longer have access, and I'll end up having to upload it again so they can actually download it this time.

Is there a way to monitor if somebody has downloaded the file? Is there a tutorial I should make to show them how to do so, or is that too tongue-in-cheek?

Thanks for the advice.
Sounds like they're playing it in their browser from the cloud, huh?

Chrome has been monkeying with the way it handles files from Drive -- now when I click on a media file on Drive, the generic player comes up and then I get an err message that says 'there was an error playing this file' and offering options to download/install various players. (I tried installing one such player but it didn't work and was intrusive so I removed it and have just settled for downloading them and playing locally. No idea what the hell G is doing. They sometimes seem like they've lost their guiding wheel.)

Anyhow, I think I'd tell the clients to right-click (or option click on Mac, I think right?) on the file, select download from the pop up menu, and then tell them to make sure they click on the file on their local machine to play it and confirm they have it.

To introduce my brief 'tutorial,' I'd keep it very bland, just say 'Some folks have had some trouble downloading; here's the easiest way to do it... '