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Based on what you are describing you might need to do different things:

1.) Set up bed and object groups. This can be done in the Input Configuration page and the re-render configuration page. For the re-renders, set them to be Live re-renders

2.) Set up return plug ins/aux for each live re-render.

I could probably help out more if I had a better idea of what specifically you were aiming to accomplish...

Thanks, Randall. Yes, that sounds like what I need to do but I can't quite work it out. What I'm looking to accomplish is to have different single objects on separate tracks after they've returned from the renderer (for greater flexibility and mixing after the sounds have been panned by the renderer). For instance, have one aux track with the return plugin that receives one dialogue track, and another aux track that receives an "idle car" sound effect. Have them on different tracks AFTER being returned to pro tools by the atmos renderer. This seems possible because the return plugin has a dropdown list with "speaker channel 1", "speaker channel 2", etc. but I'm not sure how to assign, say, "speaker channel 1" to only the dialogue track in the renderer. Nothing I do in the renderer seems to affect the options in the return plugin's dropdown list. I've assigned the objects to two different groups on the input page, but I'm not sure how to make sure they're sent to different aux tracks after that.