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They are also relatively quiet compared to reference mixes.
Ware did you find reference mixes and why are you using them? They are not mastered and not meant for human ears. You should be using references that are mastered.
anyways, reference mixes should never be judged by volume as they are not finished products, so it doesn't matter.
I've listened to tracks by people who are using similar gear/plugins as me and they sound way better than anything I've got to yet.
One thing to learn is its not the gear, its what you do with the gear. You have everything needed to make a great sounding song, except the knowledge of how to use your tools.

But that is easy to fix!
I would learn everything about everything on every piece of gear that you use, like you should know exactly what and how the ratio of a compressor effects the signal and learn more about how sound effects other sounds in a mix. Its over looked a lot and its very important. Know what the relationships of how a kick drum can effect the bass guitar sound.

I would also learn how to create a 3D mix with the use of mid and side EQ techniques, reverbs, delays and panning techniques. A mix should not sound left right and middle. You should be placing instrument in the back center, front right, middle left, 60% right front, 60% middle left, front center, back center and so on.

Once you know your tools and gain some more knowledge, you can mix great sounding songs. how long that will take? I dunno? It depends on how many hours a day you spend studying and doing.