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Here for the gear

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If the only thing that changed in the venue was the screen, then it very likely is the cause of the problem. You could approach management and explain and ask if it could be moved. The screen being in front of the speakers will also affect the sound of the videos being played unless the screen is a perforated screen. If the owners refuse then you will just have to work around it. Maybe a microphone change to a hypercardioid might help with the feedback if you are not using one presently.

I use a Shure QLXD2 with the QLXD4 receiver and a KSM9 capsule set to Hyper cardiod. tried the Neumann 105 wireless, wasn't working for me as my repertoire is so diverse. From A-Z, Andrea to Zep. lol ! Great for some songs not so for others. couldn't afford both.