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Evening all,

I'm not exactly new but my baseline is very low...
Hi and welcome back!

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I've just decided to update my setup after about 20 years of using Delta 1010s and am now massively behind the curve. I'm looking to get a new audio interface immediately having moved to Windows 10 and currently without, I made the mistake of buying a liquid saffire 56 only to find it won't work on later win 10 build so am now starting again.....

My question is - I use a SPL gold channel as my main pre-amp, can I just run the out of this into an audio interface that also has a preamp? I'd expect it to then get coloured by the 2nd pre?
As long as there is no transformer involved (99% of audio interface) you wouldn't hear any difference at all.

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or is there a way to bypass the pre in modern audio interfaces (I've never used a unit that is both the preamp and AD-DA - forgive me!)
Yes indeed. All the modern interfaces should come with a combo XLR/line input where you can insert a TRS balanced cable bypassing the preamp stage.

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I want to get the most bang for buck, ideally be able to get two independent headphone mixes out somehow Ideally I only need 2 inputs as I record drums through midi (bfd3).

Grateful for your answers and recommendations on what to buy (budget £400-£500. I've read the top ten lists but if anything it's made me more confused - too many top tens and conflicting reviews!

thanks for everybody's time

Best bang for buck could be Behringer, 204HD, 404HD or XR18 depending by the number of inputs/output/routing you are looking for.

For the 2 headphones, you can get an XR18 and a multi-channel headphone amplifier and you'll get up to 7 different mono headphone mixes or 4 stereo one if you prefer.

My personal opinion is that all the audio interfaces, nowadays, are the same "rubbish" just in a different package. Choose the one of the colour that clings best to your shirt or desk.