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Just gave a quick listen. The 2nd linked file sounds the best, as it is clearer and more distinct on the top end. I think you are closer than you feel you are and maybe have fallen prey to some loss of objectivity as you've probably heard these a bunch of times and don't really know objectively what you really have. That being said, I don't hear too much wrong in these mixes overall. What I do hear across all 3 mixes is the low-mids are a bit gelled together too much, losing some distinctness in that freq range. For lack of a better word "punch" and I don't like the common words like that but punch fits across all 3 mixes. The drums are clearly canned drums and that is the obvious weak-link in the songs, but overall, you are very close. Keep the upper clarity of the 2nd link song mix and work on the low-mid separation and that will probably get these at a commercial mix level. The low-mids might just be those drums interacting with the bass and guitars clouding up that range some. Nice work and thanks for posting them, as it helps get an idea of what you hear and what others hear.