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If its only 3 instruments, there should be nothing taking away from the other instruments, except for the snare and guitar and the kick and the bass guitar, but those are taken care of with complimentary EQ edits.
Then it must be something in my master buss chain or perhaps I'm doing too much pocketing on the eq. I'll experiment with my buss compression settings. It could be I'm simply not buss compressing hard enough, most of my tracks are only getting about -2db GR on the SSL. I'm doing no compression outside of the master right now because as I said these drum programs already sound fairly compressed so theres no reason to compress it any further and parallax is working wonders on the bass overall. The main reason i moved away from the naughty seal drums is because they were just overbearingly processed sounding even at the lowest FX settings. I feel like im pretty close to my references already in terms of balance but my tracks seem a bit more separated and loose at times compared to them.

There's a lot of pros to all these digital solutions but the cons are there too.