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Old 7th November 2019
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Touchmix 16 Volume

I've had the Touchmix 16 for appx 3 weeks now and can't figure out if there a way to give me more volume. Whenever I gain stage, the gain knob is almost at full, for whatever mic i plug in. Instruments, like my GR55 are pretty loud, but none of the mics are. I pretty much get the mic gain level to 4 0'clock for the meter to hit zero, the mains fader is up to zero as well and I move the mic's channel faders up to zero and it's still not very loud. I would think it would be too loud that I'd have to turn it down. I have two K10's that I have set to what the Touchmix suggested, which is setting the speakers' volume knobs to about 2 o'clock (or three clicks past zero). It's still not very loud.

At practice, we're not loud, but I still have to move the mains fader past zero.

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything without having to go through hundreds of conversations.

Thanks in advance for the help! Btw, I'm new here.