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Originally Posted by cake100 View Post
I am no Behringer hater.
I am very happy they are releasing new old synths and their own designs.
But it seems all their recent releases have major bugs on release.

Are the buyers the real beta testers?
Why aren't the issues addressed when sent out to people to test them? Are they sending them to the wrong people?

I saw the RD-8 has a trigger issue. If that was non fixable in a firmware release, I would pass on it for the 909 release or 999 - both of which I am interested in.

I am now hesitant to purchase anything until bugs are addressed.

Apart from that (and that products don't drop worldwide at around the same time) I like them and Uli for posting here for us.
you can say that about anything now..ive bought software (Cubase..etc)which is buggy as hell and in the case of massive x it was released unfinished and it took months for it too be updated to a standard you could class as 90% + finished.

and hardware wise companys are the same they put out gear just too get it on the shelfs that's down to the throw away nature we have now..