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If you are having to do 'Insane Equing' as you put it, something else is going on
and the fix is not compression. Mazybe its the insane EQ that you are that is making it lose its boidy and warmth.

Let me ask you this, if the mix already has body and warmth, then its something you are doing to make it loose it., like 'insane EQ'

Sound levels and compression are not the same. Levels have to do with how loud or soft something is and compression is dynamics. The central part of mixing is to make each track in a song work together with all the other tracks in the song in a way that the artist/band/producer wants.
Sorry, I meant to say that the individual sounds are very warm, rich etc. But together they all take up too much of the sound spectrum and create a muddy mix that isn't airy and clean. So then I find I have to do insanely complicated eq-ing to make all sounds fit, but at the same time they start to sound thin and hollow.