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Old 7th November 2019
SSL Alpha-Link SX versus DAD AX-32 AD Line Ins

Hey all,

I need another informed opinion before I go out on a spending spree:

I currently have an SSL Alpha-Link SX. I also have the DAD AX-32. How much better AD conversion does the DAD AX-32 Line Ins really provide? How quantifiable is it?

The dilemma is to either keep the SSL Alpha-Link SX (which actually offers 24 channels of AD conversion) and AES Out into the DAD AX-32 or put my eggs on one basket and get two Line In AD cards for the AX-32 (for 16 ins) but flog the SSL unit.

The main use is to feed a Marantz 7703 into the AX-32 for Dolby Atmos playback.