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Here for the gear

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I'm no expert, but having set up a few weird shaped rooms myself, one rule I've heard repeatedly is keep things symmetrical in the front of the room (including first reflection points on side walls - which may cost you some window as well...). Also, rear corners definitely benefit from big traps. Also, do move monitors around a few inches back and forth, wider and narrower, and listen for what sounds most neutral, this can make a big difference. If you provide room dimensions, maybe some of the more technical folk can give more precise advice?
Yeah that's a good idea!

This room will be used for mixing mainly, it's part of my house and I can't make any structural changes. The dimensions are the ones in the picture attached. I have had some REW measurements with the room almost empty (I still have a big wardrobe in the back, near the door. I'll attach that as well.

I'm planning in building two superchunks in the back, actually three. For the front corners I'm still unsure. Than some panel broadband absorbers in ceiling wall angles, not all of them, still have to figure how many I would need and ceiling cloud/ first reflection points. Than I probably will need to add something for diffusion, or have some rockwool panels with the "paper" out front for some mid/high reflection.

If anybody have something to point out I am more that happy to read what you think!
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