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Insulation Material Help

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the right insulation material available in my country (Netherlands).
If you can find the time I would be very thankful for some advice!

I would like to buy the material at Hornbach, in which case I have three options.

1) ROCKWOOL RockSono Solid (45kg/m3) 100mm thick. 15 kPa.s/m2

2) ROCKWOOL RockSono Base (35kg/m3) 50mm thick. 10 kPa.s/m2

3) ISOVER Sonepanel (not specified, calculated from description 14.5 kg/m3) 45mm or 60 mm thick. 8 kPa.s/m2

The first option has the right density, but is very thick. This means I would most likely stack two panels to get 200mm. I’m worried that at this thickness the absorption starts to suffer, which I’m judging based on modelling using the porous absorber calculator.

The second option is thinner, and I could stack I to 135mm or 180mm. It is less dense though.

Option three is much less dense. Still ISOVER claims to have very good absorption values (better than the ROCKWOOL examples). This does not fit together with the result of the absorber calculator. Is this a valid option? How can I understand this?

The absorption values are attached in the images below.

Thank you so much!

ROCKWOOL RockSono Solid

ROCKWOOL RockSono Base

ISOVER Sonepanel
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