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Hi Philip! Welcome to Gearslutz
I'm currently reviewing the Earproof PRO (a passive earbud that attenuates sound in loud environments) which is aimed at performers/audio engineers.
You don't need to spend that much to deal with loud stage volumes. I have a pair of flat frequency response earplugs that I got off amazon for less than $10. Though I don't have them for stages, but for small practice rooms with loud drummers. Also even off the shelf (read not custom fitted) iems will block a fair amount of sound.

To the OP, I generally like in ears, but have had that "I feel disconnected from the audience feeling". To deal with this sometimes I will leave one out ear out, and the other thing is as time went on I felt that less. Also I have come to accept that good monitoring is something that just doesn't happen that often, and sometimes it is best just to learn to live with it.