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Old 7th November 2019
Balance and Glue
when I go to add the 3rd element in there I just can't get it to gel together.
It can be hundreds of little things or it can be 3 major things that you need to do. If you have been mixing for less than 2 years, its common to be in this situation. It can take awhile to understand how different instruments interact with other instruments in the mix. So learn all you can about the art of mixing.

When mixing, you have to look at the big picture and already have a sound, mood and vibe in mind. At least that what i do.

What i would start with:
1.) Just guessing, i would tell you to learn 'Complimentary EQ Techniques' so every instrument subsides in its own frequency, like the kick drum and bass guitar.
For those 2 instruments subside in the same frequency range, so you should never boost the same frequencies in the bass and kick drum. In fact, if you boost 250hZ for the bass, you should cut 250hZ in the kick. You do this for all your instruments that lay in the same frequency fields, like Vocals and guitar, they lay in the similar frequency fields as well

2.) Then learn about 'Stereo Imaging', so each instrument subsides in its own 3D space in the mix, like the vocal Front and center, and the floor tom, back left and the kick middle center, and bass back center and guitars front left and front right. Now these are just simple examples, by no means follow this as every mix will be different

3.) Compression, especially parallel compression. This can help glue things together. Learn what the attack, release, ratio and knee does and how it effects the signal. Then dial in the setting to how you hear it. No presets! They were not made for your music and can kill the soul