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Here for the gear

Thank you for your replies!!!!

Joeq, you are 100% correct in most of what you said. We don't touch a vehicle until we see a lien-free title in our clients name, and even then there is a whole hell of a lot of legal paperwork to sign. If a client wants an audio device in their car, it's the same as an alarm system. Or those doorbell cameras they have now that capture people walking by without their consent...police can use images from those in certain cases even if the situation doesn't involve the house the camera is attached to. Hell, ATM cameras are used out of context in court all the time if they happen to record something in the background pertinent to a criminal complaint. We are all under a certain degree of surveillance as soon as we step out our front door. Traffic cameras, security cameras on businesses, etc.

The recordings, even though obtained through legal means, are NOT used in court. Any moron defense attorney would have them thrown in the trash at the first hearing. They're used to confront the offending party and leverage them into a deal, in the case of say, some old guy's trophy wife is banging her Pilates instructor on the sly. Sometimes there are kids, houses, millions of dollars at stake. Divorce court is expensive...we advise clients to just "cut and run" by leveraging a deal with as much evidence as possible, offer a fair amount of money as a severance, and split. We do GPS and video as well...I mean, there are even websites you can hire people with fake social media profiles to try and bait your spouse into cheating. It's an entire industry, man. Yeah sometimes the law is skirted but we are only allowed to do so much, believe me, we get offered crazy money to do crazy things. Check around the internet and you'll hear plenty of nutty stories from people in the industry.