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I would love to know how big touring monitor guys build and run shows.

What is getting automated between songs or song parts and if these scenes are heavily automated how does the affect how proactive you are during the show.

Is there pre-production where emphasis is on monitor mixes or are you being proactive and updating show files as you go. if so how do you organise that.

How do you guys approach eq on larger stages with the good equiptment.
how do you approach EQing iems.

Do you find musicans are looking for fuller mix's these days or do people still just take what they need.
Everything depends on the specific situation of the tour/gig, there are as many different ways to do things are there are bands and gigs. What kind of monitoring is the band using, IEM, stage wedges or the stage loud, are the musicians static or are they running around on stage, do they require a static mix or do some/all musicians require a dynamic mix? All of these things will determine what you use and what you do.

Automation will be very limited if even used in most cases...maybe scene changes, but even then. Preproduction is where every aspect of the production (including monitoring) is supposed to get worked out, this is where the band and the mixer do their best to sort out what works best for them etc.

If the stage is loud and the band are using wedges and running all over the place, what works on a big outdoor festival stage may not work in a relatively small(er) indoor venue...the specifics of the situation determines how you operate. The biggest generic trend is that almost every musician wants his or her monitoring to be louder...all the time and less and less people are just filling in for more detail, more people want full on mixes, even with wedges.