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Old 7th November 2019
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am new to the world of hardware synths and I recently bought an MFB Dominion 1. However, when I get it all plugged in and fire up Ableton, I notice there is some consistent background noise coming from that channel. Is this normal? It's just a low level, fluctuating static type noise.
No, static noise is not normal.
Is your electrical grid in your studio grounded?
Have you tried another wall wart on a different circuit?
Do you have balanced cables connected to your studio monitors?
Are there electrical cables near any of your audio cables?
I've got the synth hooked up to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with a Mogami Pure Patch PP-06 cable. It is audible on my speakers/headphones and it registers on the level in the mixer as random fluctuations. It stops as soon as I shut the synth off.
The first thing i would have done is try another wall wart on a different circuit. So try that first.