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Any tips on how to achieve this live recorded sound? Also how much after work would have been done on the reference track to get it to sound like that? Would it have had lots of mixing and editing to get that quality
You are not going to want to hear this, but the quality comes from:
1.) The artist itself
2.) Its how he sings the song, his performance.
3.) How he plays his guitar, his performance. The same guitar played by 2 different people can get 2 different sounds depending on how you play it
4.) Its the room he is in
5.) Its the mic he used
6.) Its the position of the mics in the room

But that said, 97% of the sound comes from that person singing sand playing. You will not get it form any effects.
I can never seem to get the bleed of the two mics to sound as good. I can get my vocals to sound close to his if I turn the input gain up and allow the mic to be pretty hot but then I have too much bleed and my acoustic sounds like crap. I
If you are not happy with the bleed, try different mic positions and different positions in the room you are in. You may need a room that is more tuned, to absorb the standing waves, maybe or maybe not.