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It's not uncommon at all for management, decorators, event planners etc to innocently put banners, signs, blankets, displays any many other things in front of the speakers at events.
You have to educate them.
Explain that the clarity and detail of sound travels in a strait line from the tweeter and mids and if they put something in front of the speaker it will mess up your sound, period.
Explain it politely with their best interest in mind (good sound in the room) but without room for them to debate it.
This is physics, it isn't a debatable topic.
You don't need to educate them as they probably know what they're doing and why they placed a screen in that place.
If they didn't ask you in the first place, move on and make it work how you can.
People need solutions, not what could look as a useless problem.

Even more useless when all he needs to do is to use the wedge that he already has.
The argument that he's not going to use a wedge because it's not L'Acoustics (in a 100 people bar) is insane.