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So I find I'm losing the body and warmth of my mixes, always having insane equing going on. Maybe I should start compressing more during mixing? Since mixing is a lot about having correct sound levels, shouldn't compressing be a central part of it? Do you compress a lot during mixing?

Hi there, does your insane eq-ing come after you realize there no more body/low-end in the mix, or do eq like mad to later find the body/bass gone?

just one example (not necessarily true for your process of course), :
lots of people cut low-mids like mad to achieve clarity/hifi/modern sounds...but if you suck out all the low mids across an entire mix youll get thin, cold sonic-picture. Perhaps just notice your sonic intentions with eq as you go along, and dial it back a bit with each move? a little goes a long way in the grand scheme of things