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This is the most ridiculous question here ever for sure so feel free to make a joke or two (I joke about my job all of the time) but please, some helpful hints as well please?
Not a joke but a comment: I am not a lawyer, but I am related to several lawyers and former ADAs. What you are doing strikes me as sketchy as hell. In most states, you can only covertly record a conversation that you are a party to ... but recording 2 other people, in their car? I don't know... Even the police need a court order to plant a bug.

Do you break into these cars to install your bugs and then break into them agan to retrieve them? What value do these recordings have to the "client"? If the activity of obtaining the recordings is illegal, how can the information they provide be used in court for divorce or custody proceedings etc. ?

It is possible that your employer may be the one held most responsible for any criminal charges or lawsuits arising from illegal eavesdropping, but since you are the one actually planting the bugs, I would guess that your position might not be exactly risk-free.

I joke about my job all of the time
I don't know what country or state you live in, but you may find yourself in a situation that is no joking matter. If I were you, I would find an attorney (one that does not know your employer!) and at least consult with him about your exposure. Now.

Before you need an attorney.