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Garage Door Leakage

Here's my sitch-
I've been reading Rod's book and i think i know what i need to do but would like to verify.
I just moved into a new house which the garage is already converted to a makeshift studio. Needs much more soundproofing. The garage door is the main culprit. It has been gasketed and sealed and the mechanisms removed. A wall has been built to cover the door. I punched open the wall last night and found it to be framed 16 feet on center with r13 insulated and a layer of 1/2 drywall on top,taped and painted.
The Question- do i need to tear off the drywall (about 5 sheets wide) to expose the air gap then built an offset wall with insulation and 2 sheets of 5/8 with green glue in between, or do I start by layering some more mass onto that existing wall? Thanks!