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Hey, sorry for your hang up there, I’m genuinely interested and not trying to be rude, why spend 6 hours researching quantizing a bass part? Seems you could play it right in less than that amount of time and avoid the headache you have right now. The reason I ask, is won’t your bass part sound mangled once you quantize the audio file? Or are you talking about quantizing midi?

I’d say it sounds like what you’re trying to quantize is not lined up to the grid properly- IE tempo is matched to project tempo and first beat is coming in at the right place, at the beginning of a bar.
Thanks for your reply. Yup - re-recording it would be MUCH faster but I'm not the bass player so I don't want to go down that path unless I have to. Also, the bass part is just an example of the larger problem I was experiencing. I wanted to make sure I know how to fix this for other elements/ future scenarios as I suspected I was doing something wrong.

Your feedback about the quantize not being lined up to the grid is the issue. I was able to quantize the parts that had issues and I'm back in business.