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Yes I would imagine this is electromagnetic noise getting picked up by any microphone that uses a magnetic transducer - hence picked up by dynamic and ribbons but not condensers...

Have you an electrical substation anywhetebnere you? Or there could be mains cabling with earth leakage on it which actually physically radiates in proximity...

Hope that helps!
This is a very interesting observation and I would like to study more about it. But, like I said ... we can now take measures that are more cosmetic in nature and not surgical. I cannot really open up the floor and do anything around it. Its a fully furnished studio and there are electrical points around ... But I guarantee that we have used the best insulated cables for both Electrical and Audio purposes.

So, in your opinion, if I may - is there any way I can work around this? Is there is a transformer we can use or any way we can add a device that will neutralize the noise?

If you download the noise file, this is the exact same noise that comes in all different parts of my studio facility.

To answer your questions:

Electrical substation - No.

Electrical points - Yes, Audio cables are running around a lot of electrical points in and around trenches but I have NO noise anywhere in the signal flow other than when I use a Dynamic mic.

Earth Leakage - India is a very fast growing developing economy but people here (builders / electricians / technicians) are very insensitive to earth leakages. I am sure there are earth leakages and you can probably clearly see that in the video as well!

Once again, thank you for your response. I would be obliged if somehow we can solve this issue with your help!