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So need help either in learning Wavelab or getting another one a lot easier and more intuitive to use .
"easier" and "more intuitive" are actually very very relative. Each individual has ways of thinking and working that make one software "intuitive" for one person and maybe "counter intuitive" for someone else. The recommendations you get in a thread like this, as sensible as they are, are coming from people who are 'not you'.

Another often unacknowledged aspect of "easy" is familiarity. A program that works just like your old program will seem easier to you - because you are used to those workflows. If you had started with a different program, maybe you would have a different idea of which is easier.

If you grew up flying airplanes, and never, ever drove a car, driving a car might seem really weird for you. How can I make a right turn without my ailerons? I think you should take a little time and watch some 'intro' YouTubes for a number of different programs. Certain ones may really jump out at you - making you say - 'that's what I'm talking about!'