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really interesting how different people can think of compression. when I started out I thought in terms of attak and release or controlling dynamics. Nowadays I don't remember the last time I thought about a compressor in that way. All I think now: "this sounds like **** but that Daking over there has this solidness that will help this track" or "I need a little more sheen on these acoustics - that MSHol opto comp will take care of it"

So compressors to me are way more important in getting the right tonality than doing some gain raiding. For gain raiding I have some faders ...
This is where knowledge and experience will eventually lead you, if you are diligent. All aspects of mixing are like this, not just compression. the goal is to possess enough knowledge and experience that your mix decisions become "automatic", in the sense that you use your ears to determine what is needed, and then reflexively or intuitively apply the needed techniques to make it so. Good luck.