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Ive mixed plenty of backing tracks for touring bands. Genre plays a role in this as well as what elements you have in your tracks. In rock or smilier genres, most of the time the drummer will need a metronome to follow along the backing tracks so everyone stays on time with the tracks. I do this by sending everything the drummer wants to hear (click, rhythm guitars, ect) to the left channel. that is recorded and then split to mono. This insures no bleed on the right channel with the click. I then pan everything I want on my backing tracks to the right channel. Mix appropriately. Use your ears to balance everything like you want them to be heard. If theres backing vocals or harmonies guitars make sure they aren't crazy loud. then i split that into mono and sum the two mono tracks to a stereo file. This is played through a iPod or laptop or whatever into a mixer sitting by the drummer. the drummer uses headphones to monitor the Left side and the Right side is sent to FOH from his mixer. This obviously makes the backing tracks mono but thats how there gonna played through the mains anyway.

Just master them anywhere between the standard -14 and -10 LUFS (I use a -1dB Ceiling) and make sure they are the same amongst themselves. There is no need to be loud. They've got the tools to make it loud. Best of luck