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Old 6th November 2019
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Love this but really could do with the AAX versions working with the ICON D-Command (per the AAX spec). Just needs a page table mapping in from the free app from AVID (for devs) and you'll have this EQ up and running with the amazing (and still best) Pro Tools controller!

Hope you can look at that for a future update, it's 10 minutes work and really pays off as a lot of ICON users (and there's many of them - still) won't use EQs unless they work with the ICON system. FTR all waves and plug-in alliance eqs and comps work with ICON in AAX, as do plenty of others (Kush, Fuse etc). Don't leave us out in the cold with the best Pultec emu!

You could do the same with your Need EQ strip and make it way more useful for us 'hands on' guys!

*just take a look at the old 'free' avid pultec emus and how they are mapped and copy that, they work perfectly (or waves version)