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Another Slate Digital Subscription Plugin Bites the Dust

This post did not age well:

Originally Posted by mrtuesday View Post
Steven - without expecting a definitive answer of course, what kind of assurances are you giving us that the next "version" of your subscription plan doesn't "replace" the delay, then the amp sim, then the reverb again, etc etc?
Originally Posted by Steven Slate View Post
Totally justifiable concern, but let me assure you that without question, it's nothing to worry about. While I can't go into much detail, the kind of arrangements we have with our other 3rd Party plugin devs is completely different and built for long term.
Source: Slate Digital Announces New EVERYTHING BUNDLE Plans

And if those posts are edited I archived it at

These posts were made in the fall of 2016. Fast forward to today, Fall 2019 and:

Dear Slate Customer,

At Slate Digital, we pride ourselves on cultivating a “customer first” culture. We try our best to offer the greatest products, services, and support. And when we screw up, it hurts.

At some point, you were an Everything Bundle member who had the S-GEAR guitar amp plugin in your membership. After October 31st, the license for S-GEAR will no longer be active. We strongly suggest that you print and/or freeze your S-GEAR tracks in old projects.

We want to sincerely apologize for letting you down. There is nothing more disheartening for us than disappointing our customers. However, we quickly learned from our mistake.

All third party plugin agreements after the Scuffham Amps/S-GEAR agreement have been structured in a way that ensures that Slate Digital will never lose the right to offer the third party plugin in our bundle. Be confident that this will not happen again...

What say you, @ Steven Slate ? You made assurances three years ago and did not honor them. Users in that thread specified the S-Gear amp plugin and you made no exceptions to it, three years ago. I would like to hear from you on why you lied by omission.