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To accomplish what you're interested in, I think you'd have to either have the reverb be an insert effect on each of the input channels, or else apply it as an insert effect to each of the monitor sends and the main.. You'd probably run out of effects slots unless you're a one-man band (and possibly even then).

There's no way to send two different mixes simultaneously to one effect, any more than you can do that in real life, and that's what you're basically trying to accomplish.

For what it's worth, the most common approach to monitoring is to use prefader sends for the monitors, rather than postfader, as it's often useful to be able to alter the monitor mix without altering the house mix and vice-versa. I suppose to some extent that presupposes you have someone who's mixing the house sound and is not hearing stuff via the monitors, which is pretty much always to be preferred to attempting to suss out the house sound from where you of necessity are hearing a completely different mix.