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Old 6th November 2019
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Reverb routing on Behringer XR18

Hi everyone,

I have my Xr18 set up as follows: all channels are sent to a Hall reverb on FX 2 with faders at unity, the amount of reverb wanted on all the channels is selected on the main bus (just to give the impression of playing in a real space while using iems), and the single channel reverb amounts are directly correlated to the position of the faders (lower volume sounds obviously will have a lower volume reverb), as it would be in a real environment.

My aux buses are post fader (I like having a clear image of what is going on in the main mix and change my iem mix from there) and have the FX 2 fader on the other buses at unity too, so the reverb level is the same as the master bus; and it is, but the problem is that the dry-wet ratio on the aux buses is only maintained when the channel faders are at unity. If, for example, I lower the volume of channel 3 on Bus 6 to -infinite, the amount of reverb stays the same and I only get to hear the wet signal.

I have tried using the reverb as an insert instead going to Main, but this way I get no reverb at all in my aux buses since all processing in the Main doesn't get translated to the other buses.

I would gladly accept some help since I've completely hit a brick wall.

Thank you very much and have a nice day