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Old 6th November 2019
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Using PC as a file storage unit for SFX libraries edited on Mac


Has anyone had any experience hosting all your sound effect libraries on a 'slave' PC and having your main DAW (connected via gigabit ethernet) communicating with it to work with sound design.

Here's my setup:
iMac (host) with internal SSD with sound effects all stored on external SSDs at the moment.
PC Slave used for music sample hosting currently, but with several bays available for additional SSDs to be added.

So basically, I'm wondering if it's possible to have the PC host everything and my iMac running Logic Pro X pull from that as a networked computer. I have run out of USB sockets (including on hubs) on the iMac and I'm trying to avoid excessive daisy chaining to add more storage devices.

Anyone doing a similar thing? Any issues I might have?