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Usually the biggest issue someone who has not been working in 5.1 etc has in taking their stereo mix to 5.1 isn't modification of the mix, it's the monitoring environment in which to do it. You can tough out using buses and auxes to make a non-HD project have 6 outputs, but do you have a setup, including the speakers and monitor controller to listen to it with? Part of all this is that in 5.1 calibrating the listening setup becomes much more important, right? The inter-speaker level relationships (at least) are kind of the main work you are doing in upmixing. BTW: upmix plugins can work very well, if you want to go that way. But you still need the 5.1 rig to hear what they are doing.

Originally Posted by SDB_12 View Post idea was to use the Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 headphone plugin, which I've been doing all of my stereo mixes (music/broadcast/etc.) in for months...and really love it. It's a great tool, and translates well...and apparently it can do 5.1, but I have never tried and don't know how it would work...especially in Pro Tools Native...? Any thoughts on this would be awesome if anyone has tried it.

Secondly...upmixing plugins? I've heard of them, and started to look into them years ago...but what exactly does this do and which ones would you suggest for Pro Tools? Would I be able to spit out individual mono files for this, as well as interleaved/combined 5.1 files?
Not advisable.

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If the festival can take a stereo mix, you might want to go with that. If it is too difficult to do the 5.1 mix in a calibrated environment, then I wouldn’t bother faking it. It might seem like a small project, but I wouldn’t risk a screening with the possibility of a bad mix. If the client insists, then just rent a studio with calibrated 5.1 and they can pay for it.
And this!

If you can get to an already setup 5.1 studio, then go and ask to sit so you can learn.

Otherewise, send stereo.