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Here for the gear

How to get this sound

I have a small project studio mainly for just me to record me playing acoustic and vocals. I use pro tools with the slate everything bundle. I have some low end mics like the Rode NT1 few sm57's, and some beta58's. I use the focusrite 2i2. I get decent recordings that sound ok but I have been trying hard to achieve this sound from this song. I have tried to use the Rode on vocals and the 57 on the acoustic and the same in reverse. I never seem to get close. I have imported the song and tried hard to replicate this. I can never seem to get the bleed of the two mics to sound as good. I can get my vocals to sound close to his if I turn the input gain up and allow the mic to be pretty hot but then I have too much bleed and my acoustic sounds like crap. I have tried tracking dry, tracking with some compression but still no joy. Any tips on how to achieve this live recorded sound? Also how much after work would have been done on the reference track to get it to sound like that? Would it have had lots of mixing and editing to get that quality? It sounds so pure and natural like they just set up a few mics, added some reverb and captured it. In a perfect world I'd like to get as close to that as I can. Any help or tips would be appreciated.