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Mix "Glue" and Balance (Metal Music)

I've spent a lot of time working on getting the best sources possible and finding vsts that deliver the sounds I want (I'm all in the box with DI Guitar/Bass and an E-Kit) I finally have it but not I find myself struggling with two basic things.

Balance and Glue

Of course I use references, mix into the buss compressor, and raise the elements in order of importance and all that other jazz you will read everywhere on the internet by googling mix glue. I know balance is highly subjective but are there any tricks that seem to get you good results or buss compression settings / target GR that just "always work" for you for gluing it all together?

Right now I feel like I can get a good balance between two elements like the drums and guitar, the drums and bass, or the guitar and bass but when I go to add the 3rd element in there I just can't get it to gel together. I don't honestly do much to my tracks in terms of processing because as I mentioned I focus on getting the best sources possible. Typically its mostly just slight EQing with LP/HP filters and removing resonances or pocketing the low end and some slight compression on some things (like the andy sneap technique) to control palm mutes. Since I use things like EZDrummer 2 Metal Machine/Metal!, Parallax, and TSE x50 V2 w/ Ownhammer IRs everything already sounds pretty "processed" to begin with anyway and I have no issues with the way any of it sounds until I try to get all 3 to play nice.