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Old 6th November 2019
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Studio Designers List

In the last few months I have received a number of requests from forum users regarding the creation of a sticky post listing Acoustics Engineering Companies, Studio Designers and Consultants.

A series of issues were also reported to moderators by users regarding certain individuals on the forum selling "studio design services" on the grey or black market, not delivering said services or only partially and ghosting the client, who lost their funds.

After discussing it with other forum moderators, it was agreed to create such a list within certain conditions:

- a locked thread that will be updated regularly by moderators,

- only professionals with registered companies, a website, verified contact informations and clientèle will be featured on the list.

This list will hopefully provide users with better visibility as to which companies and consultants are legitimate and help avoid grey market activities on the forum.

However, Gearslutz cannot take any responsibility for the information provided, and does not endorse the content of said list.

If you wish to be featured on the list or want to request a certain company/designer/consultant be listed, please PM me. A first version of the list will be posted in a couple of weeks.

Thank you.