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SOS - Electrical noise problem! Only in Dynamic Mics

I am facing a terrible and more so, a very interesting issue with usage of dynamic microphones in my studio. Here is a quick run through for you to understand better:

This is a website to our studio:

1. We have the best audio signal flow possible with high quality cables, electrical separation and connectors etc.

2. We pass audio equipment through a power conditioner called RGPC 600

3. When we use dynamic microphones, we need to add quite a bit of gain through various preamps. There is a very clear electrical noise introduced in the recording chain.

4. There is a separate earth in my studio complex

5. I have tried changing power cables, spike strips, putting both the units in different power sockets, even bypassing the RGPC ...

6. There is a constant earth / electrical leakage issue that gets into the signal flow. I usually dont mind leakages till the time they dont come in my way of recording.

7. The mic that I am using is Royer R122V (powered vacuum tube ribbon) ... Without phantom power on it has its own power supply ... and Beyerdynamic Dynamic mics, Shure SM58 and Sennheiser E-835 ... We have tried various pre-amps etc. on all these microphones.

9. Even with different cables, and different combinations of microphones and preamps - there is noise introduced every time we use a dynamic mic.

There is no noise introduced when we use a condensor mic.

(This is particularly interesting because the Royer mic is essentially an externally powered mic.)

I am attaching a .ZIP with a recording and a sample.

I humbly request:

1. Please take a look at what's happening in the video, especially when I am tapping around.

2. Please note that I am ready to buy any gear that may help in this matter - isolation transformers or whatever ... Is there a way to get rid of this!???

3. Please listen to the file Noise Floor.wav Attached for your reference of the frequencies that are getting introduced. You may amplify by giving digital gain.

Appreciate your kind response!
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