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Automation is usually pretty darn basic, surprise surprise! Fader levels, mutes, sends. Maaaybe EQ, or panning if they move around stage. Maybe some timed transitions to next scene.

Of course there are exceptions, but automating too much can box you into worse problems, ending up with a cure worse than the disease. I think people that are timid about automation do not realize that you are not ‘supposed’ to automate everything...

Prepro is all at once there’s not often ‘ok artist, now for an entire day of just your mix.’ You update files as to go just by saving. New day new file, or any way you want to slice it.

Size of room doesn’t change console EQ much. After all think about it: the mic is inches from the source and then reproduced in basically isolating earbuds—acoustic space almost irrelevant.

Every musician is different in what they want. ‘Record‘ sound is popular. A big tour has benefit of time and relationship so there might be more crafting going on because of that.