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That's high praise indeed! I wonder if just for recording would be good, seem to be ideal for someone in a great room.
The demo was recorded in a cathedral. He had some photos and it was immense. Giant stone room, marble floor, and you know how high the ceilings are in those places. I actually preferred the less-than full mix without all the room.

But the impressive part was how 'dry' the software could get the isolated instruments. It was drier than if he just "soloed" the one-of-nineteen mics that was pointing 'at' the violin, let's say. IMO, it was drier than a close-mic in that same space. Even a traditional close mic inches away from the violin would get some room. When he played the four string players "isolated" they sounded like they were in a 1970's type studio. He could have stopped right there and added some reverb plugin of a different space if he wanted to.

I don't pretend to understand it, the owner of the company is a math PhD. My crude grasp is that it can calculate all the arrival times and positional cues to distinguish between what is room and what is violin. What is violin and what is cello.

I would love to try it out on a bluegrass band in a smaller space, or even a rock band in a club. It would also be interesting to combine the results with "normal" close mics and DI'ed instruments.