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Thank you, very interesting answer. That could actually be what I'm searching for, regarding what you said about compression being about controlling volumes and volume envelopes. Maybe you could explain a bit more what you think?
Every sound has naturally occurring volume envelope. Often, the sound can be made to work "better" in a recording or musical context if that envelope is altered in one way or another. A sound may benefit from more attack and less sustain, or vice versa, for example. The dynamic of the entire envelope can be controlled as well - including making loud sounds soft, making soft sounds loud, or making the sound all one volume. The sound can also be made to "pump", with the dynamic envelope rising and falling, generally "in time to the music."
There are of course nearly infinite variations of all of this in the actual application of the process. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Also, as mentioned previously, many compressors do impart some degree of "tone", and if you compare various models you may hear a difference you like, and which may enhance the program material.

It is very helpful to understand how compressors work, but only by working with them and using your ears will it really come together for you. I do applaud you for asking questions about it though. Deeper subject than it may seem, so it's good to seek out as much information as you can on the subject. Good luck.