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Help get my Pro Tools Stereo mix into 5.1 for a Film Festival..?


So I mixed a 45 minute documentary last month, did the stereo mix in Pro Tools, all is well...everyone was happy.

Got a call today that they have been accepted into a film festival that requires a 5.1 mix for a DCP file to be delivered...and sent these guidelines:


Discrete channels of 24-bit 48 kHz Linear PCM audio. If delivering as separate files (preferred), please deliver in AIFF, WAV, or BWAV format. We will not accept any muxed or compressed files including AC-3 or AAC files.

Required 5.1 Channel Assignment – SMPTE

L – Left
R – Right
C – Center
LFE – Low Frequency Effects
Ls – Left Surround
Rs – Right Surround

The documentary is mostly just dialogue and music underneath...a few little sound effects here and there, that more sound like music than my plan as of now:

Since Pro Tools Native doesn't do surround, and they have no budget...I need to find a program that will do 5.1 mixes, preferably that I can demo just to get this done. Logic Pro X would be great...but no demo. Suggestions here?

Once I figure this out, I'll print stems from Pro Tools to import into new my surround balancing...and then print 5.1 mixes as required.

Again...mostly just dialogue and music I'm figuring dialogue in the in L/R...with a little of it in the rear...then some things to the sub....??

Sorry all, I realize there is a lot more to this subject...but I mostly do music and broadcast mixes in stereo and don't ever have to worry about surround...however, I need to help these clients out getting a 5.1 mix to put in a DCP file to deliver. Any tips, suggestions and help would be appreciated.