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[. . .] Ray, thanks for making sure I am answered. I have to be honest here... ummmm, I'm still a little confused. I posted my question cause I was/am unsure how I benefit from 32 bit float when recording via my Prism ADA-8XR interface, which is 24bit. [. . .]
Aside from cases were you will some day start recording or be handed a 32-bit float file - likely via a device like the MIxPre II - I expect you needn't look for benefits. Just know that that future is already here for some and coming for many more.

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Personal note: Apologies for the long delay in this response - I've been dealing with my father's failing health issues that are still a bit overwhelming. And as so much time has gone by, I suspect you have far less uncertainty now - though I've not had the time to catch up on this thread. It is likely I will continue to be unresponsive as my father's health continues to degrade. But I hope some of this helped.