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Bloom is on my wishlist as well, but I'm wondering if it should be. I say that because I drooled until I drowned over Tuesday, and then when I finally got it, I never use it.

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What's your take on that? What (beyond being a Swiss Army knife that can do that 4x times at once), what else is the O&C *awesome* at, if anything? Does it do anything better than some other class of modules does that particular thing?
Truth be told? It's best at being a set'n'forget module, but I haven't figured out what to set it to, so I rarely use it because the interface is a little cumbersome. It's good at Turing Machines and quantization for sure. The TM side can do a whole lot more than the 2HP turing machine can, but it's just not the least bit fut to edit. It's also got this sequenced envelope thing that makes for some gnarly modulation, but that one really isn't any fun at all to program up. Realistically, I should set it as some quantizers, but I don't use pitch CV's often enough to really make it worth the effort.