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acoustic treatments vs thermal insulation

I have an opportunity to build a mixing/recording studio in a unheated, uninsulated warehouse type space. I'm thinking a "room in a room" type solution where I frame up an enclosed space inside the larger warehouse. The warehouse ceiling is only at 9.5', but I can go up to 20' in width and length.

This is in northern Canada, so I'll need to make sure the room is well insulated (thermally). Something like 6" walls filled with fiberglass or roxul would be about right.

I'm looking for ideas on if and how my thermal insulation might be able to double-duty as acoustic treatment. It seems that roxul/fiberglass will loose R value if I omit the interior panels. So, perhaps there isn't really a good solution, and I simply need to conceive of thermal and acoustic treatments independently.

One more thing: acoustic isolation is not a big concern because it's out in the country with no neighbors.

Opinions and suggestions welcome!