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High School Studio Build, Missouri


I am a HS Teacher who's forming an audio engineering program. We've secured grant funding to $10,000 and purchased an analog tape machine, a DAW pc, an analog console, mics, etc. Now the district is looking at retrofitting either old classrooms as a studio & control room space, or possibly incorporate it into new construction funded via bond issues and other grants.

Currently, the board is looking at moving classrooms out of the upstairs of an old HS building, and we may take over that space. We'd have two rooms with 16' ceilings (before building a room within a room) and about 24x36'. Walls of the rooms are cinder-block, with a hardwood floor.

I had a coworker play guitar at a loud level (~100 db) and went around the building seeing what current bleed was like. It could be heard throughout the building downstairs, except in central office for the High School, which was downstairs, and on the opposite side of the building, which is a good start. However directly under these rooms is a basketball gymnasium, where the sound is easily heard (and with the high ceiling, difficult to treat from that side).

So at this time, I am wanting to see what would effectively lower the sound level to acceptable amounts (40db or less I think?) outside our door and downstairs in other parts of the building. If we could effectively use this space, it saves funds from wholesale new construction, leaving that space for the departing classes.

If this is wholly impractical, my superintendent is open to including Audio Engineering in the new construction. I could certainly propose to have it at the end of a new build, with the control room being the only thing near the rest of the new addition, and the live room being 'built out' away from other rooms to ease isolation concerns. If this path is the one to go down, what significant cost differences in a new build should we anticipate? We hope to speak with the board around Nov 21st, and vote on this in December.