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I don't do this, and I'm not at home, but pulled up my laptop version that has only the bare bones version on it.

I dropped Presonus Impact instrument on the edit window to open a new instrument track. I selected a preset on it.

I then double clicked the empty space below this track to insert a new track, chose instrument track, and can then choose the impact instrument as it's destination, so I think you can do what you want.

Interestingly, all of the impact outputs were set up in the mix window automatically.

Unfortunately I can't really test this for you, but hopefully this is what you were looking for.
Thank you very much for trying! As it reads this seems to work. So I just have to duplicate that instrument track a few times and that's all.

Will check that this evening. If this works, then I will have trouble finding tasks So wouldn't let me do.

Cubase has some fine MIDI insert effects I'm not sure I'm gonna find there but on the other side I feel I will not really need them nowadays.