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First impression of SO 4: Very nice!

Question to SO users:

In Cubase I used to work with many simple instrument tracks, meaning I right click in the tracks window and go create instrument track. Then I have a track for one VST synth that goes into a mixer.

But for my drums (Battery 4) I used the VST Rack, allowing me to create an instance of Battery 4 which I can activate several outputs of. I then create several MIDI tracks for each of the drums (a track for bass drum, one for snare drum, one for hihats, etc.) all controlling this single Battery instance.

Is this possible in Studio One, too?

I used to work with Cubase 6 for years but I want to get rid of dongle based software now. Even my Sonnox Dynamics and other iLok-stuff has to go although it did a good job. I just cannot accept developers to solve their piracy protection by annoying me with those damn USB sticks anymore.

So I'm testing Sutdio One 4 now. And I must say: Wow! Never tested any DAW I had the feeling of getting used to it that fast. I really love the concept of one window and the drag and drop workflow. Though there are some things like above that I haven't yet figured out.

This is day 2 of testing it.