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Why the angling? Am I blind I can not see the control room. I do not understand why "sacrifice." The double walls are a requirement. Big room and drum for space.
Angling the wall was a suggestion from GIK to prevent flutter echo and give different tonal options, and I think it was a good one. But if you look at the dimensions in the tracking area you'll see they don't take into account a double wall with 2 x 5/8" drywall and an inch air gap. So doubling that wall and the one between the iso booths will result in slightly smaller rooms, and the question is which rooms should give up that space.

By alignment do you mean where the speakers will be?

I'm still grappling with that and it depends on where I put the doors. Where the doors as diagrammed are would lead to the speakers being on the storage area side, but that would rule out putting a door in between the storage room and control room, so I'm considering moving the door and putting the speakers on the other end.

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