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No confirmation bias, because I like the look and price of the Slate best - but I actually ended up preferring the overall vibe of the Townsend! I wonder if the multi-pattern emulation has something to do with it, or maybe I just like the vibe of the raw mic? Purely subjective of course - but also sucks for me, as it's so much more expensive (and I was already looking at a used Slate to keep cost manageable).
Well, after listening and researching more, I believe the Townsend raw mic is just higher quality than the Slate. To my ears, the Slate sounds slightly thinner, and brittle/harsh - I hear this on almost all the emulations in the shootout. The Townsend sounds smoother and more emotionally present to me on every emulation.

So I caved and just bought one (pending delivery).

Of course we may all listen out for different things. Some people like brightness, much like some people like strong sharpening on digital images. To me, smoothness and presence are a sign of quality and refinement, and that's what I hear in the Townsend over the Slate and Antelope.

Of course, maybe they just chose smoother sounding mic instances to model. And of course that's the other variable - the ear of the person choosing the mic instances to model also factors in. Equally interesting is that there are practically zero used Spheres for sale, and relentless high-mark reviews. Of course it's also much more expensive, but that's OK if it's a 'final' purchase that's a joy to use every time.